Painted Wingback Chairs

When I came across this post, I could not believe my eyes. I was AMAZED by the beauty of what was created. First, I  had I had no idea that such a technique existed (I'm really late on this one!). Had I known this, I would have applied this to almost every chair re-design or reupholster that I have done. Secondly, I would have never thought in a million years that such a brilliant and smart look could be achieved by applying such a technique. And finally, I am so excited and thrilled to have this knowledge and will be using this information in the future to re-finished chairs.

Take a look at this beautiful before and after. This was done by PAINTING, yes I said PAINTING the chairs using acrylic paint & ! This designer bought these chairs from my favorite furniture place, The Goodwill for only $14.99 each. He spent $10 for the tolls and the finished products is breathtaking. (click on the photo below to find out how).