Thrifty Thursday Black & White Stripes

Today I got the SWEETEST deal on a striped blazer, a blouse & leggings from my neighborhood TJ MAXX. So that's what inspired today's post. While searching online for a similar blazer I came across a striped jacket that's soooo AMAZING with a little hint of edge, it makes mine look kind of cookie-cutter corporate. So, I bring it to you for your pleasure and I may have to order it for myself as well.

On Point Striped Jacket 
Only $68
(click on image for more information)

Here's mine below. 
I know, it's totally different from the one above that I've fallen in love it but I got the entire outfit for only $40 at TJ Maxx that includes the blazer, blouse and leggings. I love black and white. It's my ALL TIME FAVORITE color combination. So, needless to say, I may have to add the one above to my wardrobe as well.