Chippendale Queen Anne Sofa

I know I shouldn't have but I honestly could not help myself. When I stumbled upon a vintage Chippendale sofa on Christmas Eve at the Goodwill, I just had to have it. I've always been in love with the beautiful shape of this sofa from the very first time I saw it long ago. In case you're not familiar, here's the shape, below.

The Old Sofa that I found has the same lines but the most horrible fabric (okay not that bad but not to my liking) and of course it's lost most of it's stuffing and needs a little help in the filler department. Here's my old sofa here.

Ugly, right? So, I met an interior designer at the very same store that gave me the number an upholsterer she uses. She says he's VERY REASONABLE. She is confident he can bring my vision to life. Also, thanks to my Auntie who reupholstered furniture when I was growing up, I know my way around a staple gun, foam, upholstery fabric and batting. With some time and effort I'm hoping that this ugly sofa you see above will be transformed into the beautiful sofa you see below.
Wish me luck!